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Posted November 21, 2012 by Dez in Internet

Not just for Super Moms – The Ultimate Nerd-licious Nerdgasm

I discovered Pinterest before it became open to the public, and I LOVE it so much. At first it was my crafty, food-porn visual bookmark website. I figured that one day this website would help me be supermom. I’m not even a mom yet, and I already have a board with kid’s rooms and activities, and just all sorts of stuff I won’t need for another year or more.


See? Super Mom!


Then I realized that yes! I can use this site to be super mom! I can use it to make my house the ultimate organized, wonderful craft center of my dreams! I can have a nursery to die for and boast that I make yummy dishes nightly (and I do). But wait… something feels like it’s missing.


For years I have kind of kept the extent of my nerdiness buried because I haven’t had a good outlet. It’s HARD to be an adult and love Sailor Moon and Avatar, and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.


Not everyone shares my loves, agrees with them, or thinks that they are age appropriate. If I post that I really enjoyed watching an episode of Sailor Moon with Hotaru that made me cry, my Facebook friends have split feelings on this:


Who is Hotaru?
Sailor Moon is awesome!
Why do you watch a kid’s show (More on this another time… it is NOT a kid’s show)?


Then one day I stumbled across a pin on Pinterest that changed my world. A not-well done but cute picture montage of Mr. and Mrs. Amelia Pond and realized the amazing wonder. I hadn’t been using Pinterest to its potential at all! People were actually creating sections for their geeky and nerdy stuff! Pinterest even has a section devoted to ‘Geek.’


Since discovering the ability to keep track of my nerdy loves, I have been able to use Pinterest to find new and cool stuff related to my nerdy tendencies. Now I don’t know whether I would rather tile my shower in a Star Wars Theme or get a My Neighbor Totoro or Sailor Moon tattoo.


Now rather than feeling like a future super mom, I feel like a future Super Nerdtastic Mom!


I’m the same, I’m just a future mom who will make her kids watch My Little Pony and dress up as Rainbow Dash for Halloween. Oh, and I rock the sexy thick-rimmed glasses.


As I was saying… Pinterest is awesome and will help you discover previously unknown nerdy awesomeness.




Pinterest will likely take up many hours when you meant to only spend a few minutes looking for inspiration.


This party does not take any responsibility for what her readers choose to do with Pinterest. If you end up with the entire cast of My Little Pony tattooed across your back and Soot Sprites tattooed up your neck… well you’re the adult and it was your decision. But I have to say… it probably looks AWESOME!


And finally… multiple nerdgasms are fun and even life-changing but handle with care… doctors have not determined whether or not dying of a nerdgasm will be the beginning of the zombie apocalypse.


*Cue laughter and link clicking*


**This is my point of view and personal opinion. Pinterest did not in any way ask me or compensate me for writing this article.


*** Do not get all tattooed up for me, but I am always interested in your nerd-licious body art.

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Desiree is a happily married nerd residing on Milwaukie, Oregon. She has two cats and currently works as a water fountain choreographer currently. She enjoys homemaking activities and being an unashamed nerd. She will often spout random movie references and geeky trivia bits.