Lessons from my 32 Hour D&D Fest

Lessons from My 32-Hour D&Dfest Empty pizza boxes and soda cans littered the carpet. The scent of nerd-sweat (including the sweet odor of our two resident girl-nerds) hung so thick in the air that you could taste it. WeR...

Drawing on years of experience, Byron shares five tips to improve your GMing game.

Five Tips for Good GMing

One undeniable highlight of my time in Toronto was getting to game again with Brad. Developing Soft Horizon into a one-on-one game forced me into picking up the mantle of Game Master for half of every session. Initially Brad ...

Stewart talks about why War Machine has taken Warhammer's place in his heart and why you should check it out yourself

Warhammer vs War Machine

I have just blown nine years of dust from a regiment of Skaven clanrat warriors. As I breathe in the memories of marching forth into battle against platoons of armoured man-flesh, the thought strikes me that I have wa...